Color Printing and Rewinding Machine
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Model:PX-WSZ-CY 1575(PX-WSZ-CY1092/1760/2200/2500/2800) 

Equipment Function & Character 
1. Under European CE standard designing, Passed CE certificate, With CE or UL certificate for Electric Parts and with safety device, such as, safety-guard door, emergency stop and so on.
2. Most of parts are precisely processed by numerical-control machine; the key mechanical parts are under CNC processing. 
3. It suits for the offset printing ink printing on jumbo roll (printing colors can be designated).
4. This machine is the auxiliary equipment for rewinding and perforating toilet paper machine and diamonds washcloth machine. 
5. Unwinding, printing and rewinding are conducted synchronously, which materialize speed up and down instantly.   
6. Rewinding is mounting with step-less speed-regulator, to guarantee stability and trimness on the paper during rewinding. 
7. On printing structure, it is mounting with contraposition adjusting device to make overprinting contraposition without stopping machine. 
8. Bearing, electric parts and timing belt are famous brand.

GSM of jumbo roll Production speed Machine power Overall size Weight of equipment
20~60g/m2 100m/min 5~11kw (380V, 50Hz) L×W×H=6× (1.7-3.5) ×1.8m 2~4T
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