Full-servo Control Horizonal Panty Liner Production Line
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Equipment Function & Parameter
1. Full-servo auto-controlling system with high automation while the machine can be also upgraded as per customers’reasonable requirement.  
2. Under European CE standard designing, passed the CE certificate, Electric parts under CE or UL quality certification, with safety protection unit, such as, safety door and emergency stop and so on.   
3. Most of the spare parts are under numerical control precisely processing, Key mechanical parts are under CNC processing, Main outsourcing parts are World famous brand.  
4. Operating interface is the industry PLC with humanistic designing and optional collection for production record.  
5. It is workable to mount the camera monitoring system, which can conduct on-line size checking, location inspecting, missing inspecting, stain spot scanning and so on..  
6. Other optional functions can be chosen by customers’requirement: 
    a. Jumbo roll auto splicing servo control          b. Jumbo roll auto splicing converter control 
    c. Jumbo roll semi-automatic unwinding
7. The equipment can choose the vertical output design.

Outputted products from this machine:Cotton core type and ultra-thin type fast-easy package panty liner 
Designed speed:Horizontal output 2000 PCS/min      Vertical output 1300 PCS/min     
Production speed:Horizontal output 1800-2000 PCS/min    Vertical output 1000 PCS/min   
Overall size of equipment:15m(L)×4m(W)×3 m(H) 
Machine power:approx 160KW (380V, 50Hz) 
Weight of equipment:about 28 T
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